Having left 2020 and with vaccinations against COVID-19 ongoing worldwide, we enter the 2021 with some optimism and positive thinking.
We are confident that many aspects of our personal and professional lives will be gradually restored but we are aware that there is still a way to go.

For this reason, we decided to postpone the 6th World Congress of Dermoscopy in Buenos Aires scheduled this June to a date in which in-person meetings will become again safe. As IDS we feel however the need to regularly meet our members and to share the latest news in dermoscopy.
As such, we decided to organize the First Virtual World Congress which will take place at our PC’s, tablets or phones all over the world on 10-12 June 2021.

The first Virtual World Congress of Dermoscopy 2021 does not aim to replace the 6th World Congress, but it intends to follow our mission to teach and spread dermoscopy even in times of travel restrictions and social distancing.

Interaction and exchange has always been important columns of our Society. We will preserve it, even though the physical distance poses a significant barrier.

The structure of our meeting will be similar to the one of our past World Congresses. There will be few lectures but a lot of space for stimulating discussions, Q&A among the speakers and participants. The motto is: Few plenaries and many panels. Few monologues and many dialogues. And let’s play… a lot of fun and gaming!

Obviously, such events would be not possibile without the support of industry and pharmacy and we thank our sponsors for their support!
And, of course, we are confident that all our members will embrace our effort and initiates again.

For further updated informations about the congress visit our homepage under or follow us at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

We are looking forward to e-meet you in the Virtual World Congress of Dermoscopy!

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Iris Zalaudek
President of the International Dermoscopy Society
Aimilios Lallas
General Secretary of the International Dermoscopy Society